10 Stunning Artists that will Inspire You

Today I’m linking you up with some of my favorite watercolor artists on Instagram. I love, love, love the art that these individuals make. They have been a huge influence to me and my creative journey! Kit Chase Sarah Jane Wright Teague White Tatjana Mai-Wyss Jamie Clark Kody Stewart Yao Cheng Breezy Brookshire Nina StajnerContinue reading “10 Stunning Artists that will Inspire You”

5 Ingredients to a Good Read Aloud

It seems like we are always cooking something up in the kitchen and my second son is always right there to help me. But instead of ingredients to delicious gingerbread (which we made this week in heart shapes!) I’d like to share the ingredients that make for something even more delicious. A good read aloudContinue reading “5 Ingredients to a Good Read Aloud”