It’s Halloweensie Time!



One of my favorite Halloween traditions is a writing contest hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill. My entry for the contest is below, but you can swing by her site to find links to all the awesome tiny Halloween stories by fellow kidlit writers.

In a nutshell, Halloweensie is a contest wherein you have to write a complete story in 100 words or less AND include 3 key words. This year the words are potion, cobweb, and trick.


My story is inspired by our own silly goats, who haven’t managed to nibble our jack-o-lanterns yet. They are in for a treat in a few days though! 🙂


Goats Don’t Love Halloween

By Anna  Lunt


On Halloween night, three mischievous goats jump their pasture fence.

Each wants to nibble the glowing jack-o-lanterns!

First, Cookie canters courageously up the steps.

Clop, clap. Clop, clap.

EEEKKK! Caught in cobwebs?! Feeling conquered, she skedaddles.

Second, Pie prances powerfully up the steps.

Plip, plop. Plip, plop.

EEEKKK! Protected by potion?! Feeling peeved, she skedaddles.

Third, Trifle trots trunkedly up the steps.

Trot, trip. Trot, trip.

EEEKKK! Trapped by trick-or-treaters?! Feeling trampled, she skedaddles.

Three mischievous goats gallop back to their pasture.

They don’t love Halloween… until the next morning… 

When Farmer delivers their pumpkin treats.

12 thoughts on “It’s Halloweensie Time!

    1. Thank you so much! It seems like life usually works out for goats. Maybe because they are so sweet? Those 100 words go fast, but it would be fun to expand the story a bit 🙂

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