What Should We Read Next?


My oldest son has been absolutely entranced with the My Side of the Mountain series by Jean Craighead George. We’ve been reading them aloud over the last couple of months and as we get to the last pages of the 3rd book, Frightful’s Mountain, I asked him what he would like to read next.

His response?

“Let’s start all over again!”

Oh boy!

I’m feeling the need to branch out a little, simply because this isn’t the easiest narrative to read aloud. It is a fascinating series with so many detail and descriptions.

This is also a genre that I’m not as familiar with from my own childhood readings.

My buddy is interested in nature and survival and soaking up informative facts.

So what should we read next for our read aloud?

I pulled up the website whatshouldIreadnext.com and typed in My Side of the Mountain and it came up with a whole list. Many are not what I would choose, but it did come up with a couple I think are worth trying.

Sign of the Beaver

Cricket in Time Square

We’ll see what hits us right. It can be hard finding the right book after enjoying a good series for so long.

Other places I love to go for recommendations are readaloudrevival.com and jennyphillips.com has an incredible book list.

Other books I plan to share with this 6 year old of mine… Half Magic and Frindle

What books are you and/or your kiddos reading? Any in your To Be Read pile that you are dying to get to?



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