Draw to Learn

I’m a painter. I love the swish of my brush in the water and picking up pigment. I LOVE mixing colors and applying washes. The details in the process of painting is what truly gets me excited.

But when it comes to drawing… I have a lot to learn.

But I had an epiphany the other day… and now I don’t need to stress out about learning to draw.

I can draw to learn…


Yes, it sounds pretty much the same thing but stick with me. Drawing is something that will develop with practice. It’s a function in the brain, a matter of hand-eye coordination. If you draw consistently, you will get better at it.

For me, that means time in the sketchbook. A safe place for me to learn… but I have found I want to learn much more than just putting lines on a page.

I want to learn the shape of Hippopotamus ears.

I want to learn the way bones are structured in the hind legs of animals like frogs, horses, and rabbits.

I want to learn how to have characters look at each other and pose them to interact.

All these things can be learned through drawing.

In my sketchbook, I have a place to experiment. To find what works… and what doesn’t.

In my sketchbook, I find a character… who keeps popping and asking for me to write his story.

I draw to learn… which in the process is helping me to better learn how to draw.

And in the end, it’s a win-win 🙂


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