Picture Books

No limits


Last summer when my baby was tiny, we would load up in the car and drive through the forest tunnel to the little library in the village near us.

I brought the stroller, but not for baby girl. She wanted to be out of her car seat and looking around. So all the books got piled on the stroller. 

Still new to the area, I asked the librarian if there was a limit to how many books we could check out.

“You can have as many as you can carry.” she said. Then she saw the stroller full of books. “Which may not be a problem for you.”

We laughed and to this day, I check out so many books.

Gosh, I love the library.

There are no limits…

Only books 🙂

This quote says it all.

Libraries Rock

Picture Books

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Picture Books

lovepicturebooksThere is something magical about the picture book. And that magic is not just for children. The joy and discovery may intrigue an adult, if they slow down to enjoy the beauty of this format/genre.

Here are some reasons to fall in love with picture books.

  1. Connection:

    Sharing a picture book and reading aloud with your child builds beautiful connections. Check out readaloudrevival.com Sarah McKenzie has so many wonderful ideas about making lasting and meaningful connections with your kids through books.

  2. Art:

    Art adds so much to a story. Admittedly I often chug through a book, zipping along the words but fail to pause and enjoy the pictures. Art adds so much to the soul. And cracking open a book can do wonders, especially if you don’t have the time to jaunt down to an art museum. The quality of art in many picture books is outstanding. Take time to find the good ones.

  3. Delight:

    There are so many delightful books. Many picture books keep me coming back for another read, simply because the humor is so fun or the poetic language pulls you in. There are a vast variety of picture books, and there is sure to be one that fits your interests. Picture books have evolved over time, gone are the didactic rhymes and welcome the imagination and creativity.

  4. Education:

    There is a lot you can learn from a picture books. Non-fiction books are great, but even in fiction books you’ll find yourself learning something new. Especially if the author has hit on a universal truth. That is good writing.

  5. Love:

    When you enjoy and love picture books, the listener will pick up on that. Reading together is a great way to show your love to your children.

My question for you is what picture books do you love? These could be ones you love to read now with the kids in your life, or from your own childhood.


What I'm Learning

Draw to Learn

I’m a painter. I love the swish of my brush in the water and picking up pigment. I LOVE mixing colors and applying washes. The details in the process of painting is what truly gets me excited.

But when it comes to drawing… I have a lot to learn.

But I had an epiphany the other day… and now I don’t need to stress out about learning to draw.

I can draw to learn…


Yes, it sounds pretty much the same thing but stick with me. Drawing is something that will develop with practice. It’s a function in the brain, a matter of hand-eye coordination. If you draw consistently, you will get better at it.

For me, that means time in the sketchbook. A safe place for me to learn… but I have found I want to learn much more than just putting lines on a page.

I want to learn the shape of Hippopotamus ears.

I want to learn the way bones are structured in the hind legs of animals like frogs, horses, and rabbits.

I want to learn how to have characters look at each other and pose them to interact.

All these things can be learned through drawing.

In my sketchbook, I have a place to experiment. To find what works… and what doesn’t.

In my sketchbook, I find a character… who keeps popping and asking for me to write his story.

I draw to learn… which in the process is helping me to better learn how to draw.

And in the end, it’s a win-win 🙂