What I'm Learning

What I’m Learning: Spring 2018

img_6450I am learning that I am a writer and with that how I want to structure my life.

I am learning mini-habits to sustain me, take care of me and fuel my creativity. For me that means daily yoga, scripture reading, sketching, and making time to read books for my interests and learning.

I’m learning how to approach projects and break them into steps. This is helping my overcome procrastination and overwhelm.

I’m learning how to be mom to 3 kids, meeting them where they are and enjoying to process of seeing their story unfolds.

I’m learning how to tell killer bed-time stories or as my boys call them “made up stories”.

I’m learning how to make reading aloud a huge part of our day and something our family looks forward to and enjoys together… it’s been a process, but we are all on board now.

I’m learning how to plan meals for my family and encourage them to seek food that fuels our bodies and keeps us healthy.

I’m learning how to care for our gardens and animals.

I’m learning how to support my husband through his health challenges.

I’m learning how to ask for help from friends and family.

I’m learning how to take criticism/ critiques without being offended or defensive.

I’m learning that I have a lot to learn…

I’m learning to build my creativity and to work¬†in stages rather than expect perfection.

I’m learning how to be an adult who pushes forward, is curious and¬†willing to try new things and be a beginner again.

I’m learning that I love to learn.moana self taught