January is the month I wait for all year round. While some may dread January because of the “January blues”, I love it because of Storystorm. It is an amazing challenge, and so simple to participate, yet so much writing inspiration reaped.


So even though I’ve participated (officially or unofficially) for years, this is the first year I feel myself evolving as a writer and actually seeing more to the ideas than just a word or two. I’m excited to see where I can go with my 30 new ideas.

Many thanks to Tara Lazar at taralazar.com for hosting such a fabulous, month long event!



5 Ingredients to a Good Read Aloud

img_64351It seems like we are always cooking something up in the kitchen and my second son is always right there to help me.

But instead of ingredients to delicious gingerbread (which we made this week in heart shapes!) I’d like to share the ingredients that make for something even more delicious. A good read aloud time.

  1. A basket of newly acquired library books on a variety of subjects and reading level.
  2. A cozy nook. Currently our front entry is snowed in, because we never use that door. So we keep bean bag chairs there and enjoy the coziness of being squished together.
  3. Snuggles. Now my lap can hold one child, but all three like to be near and somehow sitting on me. I’m ok with that. I try to get my arms around each one at some point during our reading.
  4. Lots of interruptions. My cute buddies have lots of questions and some really good discussion have happened when we stop and talk about the pictures and what they think. Although, much of the time I just want to plow through. See number 5.
  5. Endless amount of time… ok so this one isn’t real. But when we get reading I never want it to stop. Last night we read for much longer than I intended, but those moments I just want to wrap up and hold on to forever, minus the Avenger book. If I’m not stressed about time, I enjoy reading so much more.

Ok, I can’t leave you hanging on the gingerbread… this recipe is awesome.